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Demarcate Now! 10 Years is Long Enough. Peace Yes, War No.

Demarcate Now! 10 Years is Long Enough. Peace Yes, War No.
By Mike Seium

Ten years is a long time and many life transformation moments happen in a period known to most of us as a "Decade". A couple of examples since that memorable day in 2002, yes I am talking about April 13, 2002, which happened to be on a Saturday. The United States of America has gone through almost two terms of President Bush and a new term about to finish soon for President Obama. Presidents come and go but policies have remained the same for the most part and the one thing that has set this great country or a super power known as America from other developing super powers is it's very complicated foreign policy that has also failed the majority of the American people and has also contributed to the suffering of many more others.

Through the media and many other propaganda machines including the option to buy real traitors to build and create dissent in weak nations, the few folks working on a very outdated foreign policy may think they are improving the USA's relations with others. However, based on the basic fundamentals of peace, humanity and respect for all nations, which is the duty and responsibility bestowed upon by the finding fathers of this great nation the vast majority of the American public has had it. While it is understandable to protect interests, what should not be accepted as a policy is taking sides with a criminal. This type of behavior has not been well received by the majority of Americans. Protecting a genocidal, war mongering, and law breaking, leaders such as Meles Zenawi is plain wrong. The problem that will face the Horn of Africa region will come in ten fold if the RULE of LAW is not implemented between the law abiding nation of Eritrea and the friend of the few powerful policy makers at the State Department. The very historical nation of Ethiopia along with the iron fist of a mischievous and malicious Prime Minister who has attempted to wage another war recently, should not dictate the policies of the Horn region. Thanks to the selfless leaders and steadfast people of Eritrea, however, the war mongering will not materialize and Eritrea will not be dragged into another despicable taunting by the minority regime in Addis Ababa.

The few folks entrenched in United States policy towards the Horn to destabilize Eritrea along with the diversionary tactic of a bloodthirsty henchman at the helm in Addis Ababa should think twice before provoking Eritrea and it's stance towards peace in the region. Eritrea is not open for war and Eritrea will not compromise its sovereignty but Eritrea will also defend it's soil with all its ability and strength as it has in the past. The best thing the USA can do as a guarantor of the Algiers peace agreement along with others is tell Ethiopia to leave sovereign Eritrean territories immediately and remove without condition the illegal sanctions that have been put on Eritrea based on a made up fiction. To show that arbitration is preferable by all involved parties instead of war and illegal occupation of others' land. This should be among civilized people as superfluous as possible to show that to refer disputes using an international system between two neighboring nations is better than to refer them to any type of combat or to provocation of war -- to sum it up, the ways of civilization are preferable to those of hate mongering. There is no doubt as to the practicability of international arbitration.

What seemed an idealistic dream a long time ago is now largely an established practice; no longer an uncertain experiment, but an acknowledged success.During this century not less than eighty controversies between civilized Powers have been solved by arbitration. Every international dispute settled by arbitration has stayed settled, while during the same period some of the results of great wars have not stayed settled, and others are unceasingly drawn in question, being subject to the shifting preponderance of power. And such wars have cost rivers of blood, countless treasure and immeasurable misery, while arbitration has cost comparatively nothing.

Thus history teaches the indisputable lesson that arbitration is not only the most humane and economical method of setting international differences, but also the most, if not the only, certain method to furnish enduring results. The government of the United States prides itself on its commitment to being fair and just throughout the world. In Africa and especially in the Horn of Africa region however, the United States is seen as supporting only those who commit genocide or are brutal dictators such as the leaders in Ethiopia who possess sufficient "influence" in Washington, while ignoring the plight of countries like Eritrea who have been nothing but a role model for the improvement and self sufficiency of other developing nations. Events over the last ten years have tended to confirm that assessment.

So on this 10th year anniversary of the EEBC Decision, the people of Eritrea (including an overwhelming majority of diaspora Eritreans), peace loving Ethiopians, Somalis, Sudanese, those from Djibouti, and from the rest of the region would like to see the rule of the jungle outlawed and the rule of law prevailing. The United States of America has the power to change the attitude of a person who has betrayed his own people and has been taking orders from individuals lurking the world at G-20 summits and more. Meanwhile Eritrea on Good Friday by Geez calendar's April 13th, 2012, 10 years after the ruling, has celebrated Resurrection Sunday (Easter Sunday for the West) thanking God/Allah that his power and providence have shielded the nation from war and has given her wise leaders who truly think for their people and the people of the region. Last but not least, the Illegal UN sanctions must also be removed immediately, the border that is virtually demarcated must be physically demarcated, and occupied Eritrean territory must be vacated today if any type of fruitful peace is to come to the Horn of Africa.

Zelalemawi zikri n'swatna
Selam and awet Nhizbi Eritrea
Mike Seium.