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Eritrea will Foil all Maneuvers to Subvert the Mandate of the EEBC

Eritrea will Foil all Maneuvers to Subvert the Mandate of the EEBC
By Johannes Abraham

Eritrean sanctions must be annulled and repealed today!

It has been now 10 years since the Final and Binding Border decision of the EEBC was announced. Yet the Final and Binding Verdict is still held hostage by some powers in the west. There were attempts of sabotage and sidetracking so that the verdict is not implemented. One such scheme was the protracted cover of "dialogue" designed to create confusion and maneuver out of the verdict. This is part and parcel of their inhuman and callous policies that has been repeatedly practiced against Eritrea since the 1940s. We are still observing some of the "guarantors" of the Algiers Agreement, those who dominate the UN Security Council at the UN, manipulating the issue and giving orders to their Woyane stooges so as to create chaos and to retreat from moving forward. They know well the only way out is implementing the EEBC demarcation decision without any preconditions, however, they seem not to give up.

We Eritreans have challenged all previous conspiracies, and as ever, Eritrea will foil all maneuvers to subvert the mandate of the EEBC.

Eritrean Sanctions must be annulled and repealed today!