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Join OEA

We Denounce the Unjust Sanctions Against Eritrea

We Say No to Unjust Sanctions Based on Lies

We Call for an Immediate Lifting of Unjust Sanctions

We Still Call for Constructive Engagement

When he ran for office, President Obama campaigned for engagement, reconciliation and partnership with the rest of the world. Today, he says his foreign policy goals are guided by those same principles. So, why is his administration, led by his UN team, orchestrated a sanctions measure against Eritrea on charges repeatedly proven to be groundless? Why are they so intent on scapegoating this young nation for the disasters they have caused in Somalia? Is this really about Somalia? Is this another broken promise?

Let us all voice our opinions by
Calling/Faxing/Writing NOW

The White House:

President Barak Obama

Telephone: 2024561111

FAX: 2024562461


White House Contact Mail

The US Mission to the UN

Ambassador Susan Rice

Telephone - 2124154062

Fax: 2124154053

UN Mission Contact Mail

The Sate Department

Secretary Hillary Clinton

Telephone – 2026475291

State Dept Contact Mail

 See contact information and sample
letters bellow:

Sample Letter 1

Sample Letter 2

 Points for
Sending Letters


- The
letters we have provided are guides. Please put the message into your own words.
Our letters will be taken more seriously if they are not exactly written the
same way.

- Change the letters to fit your place of residence.

 Write Your Representative

 Write Your Senator

Talking Points
for Calling Representatives and Senators

- Do Ask to speak
to the legislative staff member responsible for International Relations.

-  Be polite and friendly.

- Do not feel intimidated. It is the responsibility of the Congressman/woman
and staff to speak to you and you should expect to be received warmly.

Callers Who Reside in the Legislator's District:

"I reside and vote in
Congressperson _______ district. I am calling to urge the Honorable
Congressperson _______ to help me stop the UN sanctions against Eritrea. The Honorable Congressperson should call for
action to stop the Obama administration from imposing sanctions against Eritrea at the UN."