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By: Yacob
April 13, 2012

As an Eritrean I am approaching Friday the 13th April 2012 with anger, shame and distrust of the powers of this world and great pride understanding of the Eritrean spirit. Some non-Eritreans may not understand the above statement and many not to even know the name Eritrea, but sadly many journalists have written commissioned and fabricated articles against Eritrea.

Coming back to the Friday the 13th of April 2012, it is the 10th anniversary of when I thought the boarder issue between Eritrea and Ethiopia would be resolved, as the final and binding decision was delivered with Badme, the disputed territory, confirmed to be Eritrean. My confidence and knowledge of the Eritrean government as being on the right side of the law was strengthened.

Ten years ago I thought that if the Border between Eritrea and Ethiopia is demarcated there would not be any more war between them; my heart was filled with joy, my face with smile and my eyes with tears.

Sadly the possibility of no more war did click in the ears of US, partner in crime of the minority regime in Ethiopia, who had endorsed Ethiopia's illegal occupation of sovereign Eritrean land. The involvement of US is confirmed by John Bolton in his book "Surrender Is Not an Option: Defending America at the United Nations and Abroad " page 347; where he said: "...For reasons I never understood Frazer reversed course, and asked in early February to reopen the 2002 decision, which she had concluded was wrong, and award a major piece of disputed territory to Ethiopia. I was at a loss how to explain that to the Security Council, so I didn't..."

Since 2002, while Ethiopia is labeled partner in anti-terrorism campaign by US, together they have been causing more human suffering in East Africa; particularly in Ethiopia, Somalia and Eritrea.

Ethiopia continues to get billions of Dollars from the West, yet and unfortunately, Ethiopian children continue to be the signature posters of hunger and famine of every NGO that wants to make money out of their misery. For example in 2011 Ethiopia was one of the countries that was badly affected by famine, on the other hand Eritrea's situation was positively different. The country, despite all the hostilities towards it is at the verge of achieving food security. It was a pleasant surprise when Eritrea was predicted in 2011 to be the fastest growing economy in spite of previous reports that Eritrea would be a failed state by some doomsayers. Currently many journalists would like to label Eritrea as isolated state, but there are more than 25 international companies working in mining sector alone in Eritrea.

Eritrea continues to do well in many sectors such as Health, sports, education, agriculture, mining etc. It is one of the very few countries that have met most of the development millennium goals, reported on numerous occasions even though major news agencies chose to be quite about it. On the other hand Ethiopia continues to occupy Eritrean land forcing Eritrean defense forces stationed on the border away from their families. Moreover this has unfortunately created a no war no peace situation holding the whole country as a hostage.

Furthermore Eritrea has been sanctioned twice with the pre-text of Somalia, by the very forces who are actually committing crimes in Somalia. Currently Eritrea is not allowed to buy weapons for self defense. While Ethiopia, openly financed and armed by the US and UK, is arming itself to the teeth and most of the US weapons that left Iraq is being diverted to Ethiopia. As a show its contempt for International law, Ethiopia recently attacked Eritrea twice. Perhaps it was its way of celebrating the 10th anniversary of the border commission's ruling between Eritrea and Ethiopia. Yet the only country that condemned it was Italy and was harshly condemned by the Ethiopian government. While the US, UN and UK made simple statements that tried to put the neighborhood bully and the bullied in the same light.

History shows it was the US who allowed Eritrea to be annexed by Ethiopia, and on numerous occasions it had been on the wrong side of Eritrean people's history. The US also has been the engineer of all the disinformation, fabricated allegation and sanctions against Eritrea.

Directly or indirectly the three "U"s (the US, UN and the UK) are responsible for allowing Ethiopia to continue occupying Eritrean land. The citizens of this world need to ask the three U's to make a U turn on their policies towards Eritrea and this I ask you to do for the sake of the children in both Eritrea and Ethiopia.