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Peace has been held hostage by Ethiopia with the blessing of the UN

By - Sam O. Negash

Isn't it a travesty of justice that the UN along with its handful handlers not only tolerates but actively encourages one of the poorest nations on our planet to disregard its ruling? It is 10 years to the day that the EEBC (Eritrean-Ethiopian Boundary commission) which was established by the UN with the full support of the EU, US and UK ruled Badme (the place at the heart of the border dispute) is Eritrean but Ethiopia still occupies this land.

It is patently shameful for the big powers to continue to ignore this fundamental issue of territorial integrity of a nation. It has caused so much pain and suffering to our people who are peace loving and law abiding. Eritrea wants only what is rightfully hers, nothing more nothing less. We, Eritreans have suffered great injustices by a body who is supposed to uphold the rights of peoples and nations whatever their sizes. A border skirmish was blown into a full scale war by Ethiopia which resulted in great loss of life on both sides and wanton distraction of property and grave yards of our heroic martyrs by the Ethiopian army. Both sides agreed to settle the border dispute at a court of arbitration and the UN, US, EU and the UK agreed to be guarantors of the court's decision. Ethiopia continues to obstruct the implementation with the blessing of the bodies that are supposed to be enforcing the implementation. Ethiopia depends on these bodies for most of its needs and as such it would have complied with the ruling right away at the slightest pressure. This begs the question "does the UN (US) really care for the peoples of Eritrea and Ethiopia?"

I call upon the UN and all the guarantors of the EEBC ruling to take steps for implementation of the boundary ruling so that hundreds of thousands of our people can live in peace and work for prosperity. This would also go a long way to restore some credibility to the UN and whatever nation takes the first step.