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OEA workshop focused on issues of war and peace in the Horn

For Immediate Release
May 27, 2011

The Organization of Eritrean Americans (OEA) held a workshop on the Horn of Africa’s continuing search for peace on May 24, 2011. The program was held at the Embassy Suites Hotel near the DC Convention Center, 900 10th St, NW, Washington, DC 20001.

A reception to celebrate the 20th independence anniversary of Eritrea followed the workshop.
Speaking at the conference titled The Quest for Peace in the Horn of Africa were Dr. Berhe Habtegiorgis, Rowan Univesity, Dr. Ghidewon Abay Asmerom, Virginia
Commonwealth University, and Dr. Asgede Hagos, Delaware State University. Moderating the program wasDr. Andetsion Kidane.

Dr. Berhe Habtegiorgis spoke on “The Militarization of U.S. Foreign Policy for the Horn of Africa.” Dr. Ghidewon Abay Asmerom addressed “The Eritrea Ethiopia Boundary
Case and its Implications for Peace and Security in the Region,” and Dr. Asgede Hagos spoke on “U.S., Eritrea and Ethiopia: The Past is Prologue”

A representative of the Organization of Eritrean Americans, explaining the reasons behind the conference, said, “the main goal of the conference was to explore the principal challenges facing the region relating to war and peace.”

Congressman Gerald Connolly of Virginia was among those who sent messages congratulating Eritrea on its 20th independence anniversary and commending OEA for its work on behalf of the Eritrean American community. “The Organization of Eritrean-Americans is committed to strengthening U.S.-Eritrean relations, helping the Eritrean people preserve their independence and defend their sovereignty while promoting engagement of Eritrean-Americans in the U.S. political system,” he said. “Since its establishment in 1998, the organization has served as an information resource to the American public, U.S. governmental institutions, and the mass media.” Here below is the letter.

Letter of Congressman Gerald Connolly of Virginia