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About OEA

The Organization of Eritrean-Americans is a non-profit, grass-root organization
based in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area. The organization, which was
established in June 1998, evolved into one of the primary sources of information to
the American public in general, the various U.S. governmental institutions, and the mass media.

Our Mission

The Primary Mission of the Organization of Eritrean Americans:

  • To help strengthen U.S.-Eritrean relations in all areas.
  • To provide information to the different branches of the U.S. government, the mass media, as well as the general public about Eritrea and its people.
  • To help tell of the heroic determination of the Eritrean people to live in peace and independence as sovereign people.
  • To mobilize and engage Eritrean-Americans to participate actively in the American political system
  • To create a network of Eritrean-Americans that encourages youth to excel academically, professionally and economically.