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Eritrea: A Straight Path to Peace

The new Ethiopian Prime Minister told the world that he wants to make peace with Eritrea. Talk is cheap; he needs to walk his talk. One cannot say he is working for peace while in breach of international law and occupying Eritrea’s sovereign territory. The straight avenue towards reconciliation and peace between the two neighbors is ending Ethiopia’s 16-year long occupation.

End Sanctions Based on Pack of Lies

It is time to annul Resolutions 1907 (2009) and 2023 (2011) imposed on Eritrea based on brazen fabrications choreographed by the Obama Administration’s USUN Mission headed by Susan Rice and the minority regime of Ethiopia. Phantom 2000 Eritrean Soldiers in Somalia, Phantom MANPADS and Forged Serial Numbers, Phantom Eritrean Planes Landing in Baidoa, Phantom Attempts to Bomb an African Union Summits and many more. In face of all these lies and the Monitoring Group's repeated admissions that there is no evidence linking Eritrea with Somalia's troubles, it is time that the U.N. Security Council takes immediate action to terminate these illegal sanctions based on a pack of lies, and without any preconditions.

Eritrea-Time to Lift Long Overdue Sanctions

There was no rational justification to impose the sanctions in the first place, and there is even less rational explanation to maintain them now eight years later. It is high time that the UN ended the travesty directed at a nation and a people whose only desire is to live in peace and with dignity. Thus we feel the immediate and unconditional lifting of these sanctions is long over due.

15 Years of Silence and Complicity

OEA asks UNSC to end occupation of Eritrean territory and lift sanctions

The Organization of Eritrean Americans (OEA), in a statement, has asked the UN Security Council (UNSC) to shoulder its responsibilities and force the minority regime ruling Ethiopia today to comply with international law and the UN Charter.

Eritrea- An Anchor for Peace in the Horn of Africa

Eritrea is a new developing nation in the Horn of Africa region; but, a regional threat it is not. Far from it and quite to the contrary; in a region ravaged by war and ethnic tensions, Eritrea is an anchor of peace. It has a secular government with a progressive vision that is determined to save the region from becoming a “social basket case”. Despite the 15-year long occupation of its sovereign territory by Ethiopia, a neighbor twenty times its size, which enjoys an unprecedented diplomatic, political and military support from such major powers as the United States, and despite the sanctions that have been imposed on it based on fabrications, and a well choreographed vilification campaign, Eritrea has managed to stay a sanctuary where its people live in one accord while pursuing policies that promote national harmony, political democracy, economic development, social justice, cultural revival and regional cooperation.

An Ill-Advised and Uninformed Hearing on Eritrea

A hearing on Eritrea scheduled by the House subcommittee on Africa for Wednesday, September 14, 2016, titled “Eritrea: A Neglected Regional Threat,” is ill-advised and seems to reflect complete lack of knowledge of the reality in the Horn of Africa region. The hearing does not augur well for the US Congress to dwell on Eritrea and a non-existent threat, while ignoring the real regional threat that is in Ethiopia. This diversion will only embolden the regime in Ethiopia and allow it to continue with its belligerent stance against Eritrea and its people.


OEA Statement

For Immediate Release July 15, 2016

The Organization of Eritrean Americans condemns the brutality of the minority regime in Ethiopia against its own citizens and stands alongside the people of Ethiopia during these challenging times. Our thoughts are with the victims of these unacceptable crimes committed against the Ethiopian people. The Ethiopian people have continued to witness acts of violence against protesters in the Gambela, Ogaden and Oromia and now the Amhara regions of Ethiopia without accountability.

OEA mourns loss of a civil rights hero and friend of Eritrea

For Immediate Release
August 17, 2015

OEA mourns loss of a civil rights hero and friend of Eritrea

It is with great sadness that the Organization of Eritrean-Americans mourns the death of legendary civil rights activist Julian Bond who was a friend of Eritrea and the Eritrean people. Mr. Bond passed away at the age of 75 years.

Eritrea at 24 -- It Still Rises

May 24, 1991, a sacred day in the annals of Eritrean history, symbolizes the determination that no one or nothing can stop this young nation from rising again-- no matter how daunting the challenges are. It is also a sacred day in the history of all those who rise, in the face of overwhelming odds, to determine their own destiny and defend their basic rights. This is a celebration of the triumph of the human spirit in the quest for freedom against all odds. This day embodies what the essence of Eritrea represents: the spirit of unflinching determination, unwavering dedication and, when necessary, unyielding and principled defiance. However, May 24 is also a day of renewal, a day of recommitment to ensure the realization of the promise enshrined in the spark that launched the armed struggle on September 1, 1961, and the solemn pledge given to those who made the ultimate sacrifice so that the Eritrean people can determine their own destiny and enjoy what May 24 represents.

A tale of three U. S. sanctions, one in Africa, the others in the Americas

A cursory view of the responses of the continental organizations to three U.S. sanctions, one in Africa and the other two in the Americas, shows in a stark way the abysmal lack of independence among the African nations in setting their foreign policies. The nations in question are Eritrea, Cuba and Venezuela. The focus here is on the responses of the nations and organizations of the two continents the targeted nations represent to the imposition of the sanctions by the United States — directly or through the United Nations. When African nations, individually and collectively, were told to jump, all they wanted to know was “how high!” History usually judges harshly those who bend the truth and sacrifice those who trusted them to appease the powerful and for some diplomatic crumbs.


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